The original core members of Eternal Fear formed the band in their hometown of Karlskoga, Sweden in the early 1990’s. After a number of band name and line-up changes they settled and became active under the Eternal Fear moniker in 1995.

During the period of 1995 to 2001 the band concentrated on writing songs, recording demos and gaining live experience on the local area club circuit. With a strong work ethic for writing and perfecting their songs the band finally hit the recording studio to lay down tracks for their first album “Never Ending Existence”. Self released in 2002 the album received good reviews and sold well via the bands website, the cd format has now sold out and the album is now currently only available as a download.

The follow up album “Evil Deeds” saw the band make huge steps in developing their own sound and this album saw much more media coverage for reviews and gained further interest in the band throughout mainland Europe. Released in 2007 “Evil Deeds” received strong sales across Europe via the TPL website.

After further writing sessions and live shows in Sweden the band returned to the studio for the recording of “Embraced In Darkness” which was released in 2010. Once again this release picked up improved sales throughout Scandinavia and mainland Europe and showed that the band was now attracting a good fan base awaiting their new releases.

In 2012 a limited edition three track EP was released which previewed two new tracks and an exclusive live version of “Embraced In Darkness”. The EP was released by the bands new Italian based label; Sliptrick Records, who they had recently signed to giving the band distribution throughout mainland Europe. The EP attracted a lot of interest from media and fans and sold out very quickly.

2013 was to be the most important yeasr in the history of Eternal Fear. The band released their first album “Eternal Damnation” with their new label Sliptrick Records which gained increased coverage, acclaim and sales via both online and physical cd sales. Without question the latest album saw a huge progress in the bands development and “Eternal Damnation” the strongest collection of songs the band has released to date.

Since it's release the album has been the bands best selling and sales have been gained by the release of two highly successful promotional videos for the tracks “World Comes Down” and the title track “Eternal Damnation”. Both videos continue to reach new fans with viewings via youtube, facebook and the band's website.

A huge step for the band came in 2014 with the announcement of the first live shows for Eternal Fear in the UK, including playing at Beermageddon Festival in Bromsgrove. This confirmation was quickly followed by Eternal Fear signing to Viper Music & Promotions for UK Representation and the addition of three further dates in England making up a small tour of the Midlands region.